Family Care Monitoring

Supervised Visitation Monitoring


The monitor’s job is to observe and notate everything they see and hear between the visiting parent and the child. To protect the child is our primary directive.

We are teachers, nurses, grandparents, parents and siblings of our own families. Our training includes domestic violence, child abuse, documentation, CPR and first aid and drug and alcohol addiction classes.

Our training complies with Uniform Standards of Practice for the California Court section 26.2. A thorough Live Scan background check is provided by each monitor prior to working with us.

In order to create a positive and comfortable situation for your child, the monitor we assign to you is familiarized with the specifics of your case.

Each monitor will provide a written report on your visit within 5 days. That report will be available on request.  We are not therapists and we are not doctors. It is not our place to make an opinion about your situation or tell you how your relationship is with your child.



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